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Thanks to our fully integrated factory (which includes design assistance, extrusion, powder coating, anodizing, and mechanical processing) and our cutting-edge technological know-how, IMALUM guarantees flexibility and total adaptation to a wide range of demands from industrial markets, such as solar, transportation, domestic and urban furniture, railways, and more.



Aluminium profile is a key factor in technological progress, thanks to the number of new technical solutions it allows. It has growing applications in the most diverse industrial sectors: transport, building, aeronautics, etc. A development explained by its great mechanical qualities of lightness, resistance and energy saving that makes it the ultimate green metal.

In the Automotive sector and, in general, in the transport sector for example, aluminum allows a remarkable weight reduction compared to other materials, this weight reduction reduces the vehicle’s CO2 emissions as well as fuel consumption.

And finally in the building sector, an aluminum window with thermal break allows an optimization of solar contributions while limiting thermal losses. The aluminum window meets the requirements of a bioclimatic architecture. This provides better insulation and reduces heating consumption in winter and air conditioning consumption in summer.

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