IMALUM has taken an important step in its development by successfully obtaining triple ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001 certifications. This achievement is the result of a recognized quality focused on customer satisfaction, and a safety and environmental approach that aim to take care of our people and to be the less harmful possible to our planet.


IMALUM works through its “quality” policy to ensure optimal product quality and safety for its end customers and to develop synergy in the market with architects, design offices and trade professionals. It is a philosophy and a doctrine in which IMALUM has believed since its establishment. In this sense, it is committed to a rigorous quality process that revolves around:

  • Quality of raw materials for building applications (aluminum alloy of the “Al Mg Si” family standardized under quality standard EN 573, recommended for its resistance and guaranteeing the absence of harmful impurities for subsequent treatments)
  • Quality of extrusion according to the standard EN 755, fixing the geometric tolerances and straightness of the profiles
  • Quality of surface treatment guaranteed by European labels on surface treatment by anodizing (QUALANOD® label) and powder coating (QUALICOAT® and QUALIDECO® labels), guaranteeing good performance over time of anodized or painted aluminum profiles.
IMALUM : 100% made in Morocco  

IMALUM has adapted the best of international technology, trained its staff, and created optimized processes to offer its customers quality Moroccan products at affordable prices, both in Morocco and abroad. It has thus developed 100% Moroccan know-how appreciated by its designers, manufacturers and individuals, such as its SOLEA range created in response to market requirements.